2020 Jewelry Trends…and Working from Home

Esther F Gorden

With our lives turned upside down from the COVID-19 pandemic, many of you might wonder what significance fashion trends mean for you now.  If you are working from home, and video conferencing with clients, colleagues, and bosses, maintaining a professional image is important.  And even if you are wearing pajama bottoms below the webcam, you will need to be business appropriate from mid-chest upwards.  It is here that a fashionable projection becomes an important detail in conveying confidence and authority.  This year’s jewelry trends turn a spotlight on your neckline.

When it comes to BDSM and fashion, it’s more about BDSM culture influencing fashion as opposed to fashion influencing BDSM.  Chains, padlocks, O-rings, masks, bondage, latex…all have infiltrated fashion design in way of pattern, theme, and style.  This year BDSM continues to drive jewelry trends.

The biggest news for 2020 is the return to chunky chain statement collars and chokers.  They can be silver, gold, clear or colored lucite, embellished with pavé diamonds, enamel, tortoiseshell, gemstones, or colored crystals.  Worn during the day or night; with a work outfit or tee, lingerie, or nothing; big chains are everywhere…including on your wrist with a padlock, and as an embellishment for your shoes at the ankle.  Tired of being discreet?  Then this year is for you!  Be bold.

Another trend is everyday objects worn as a single earring…pens, padlocks, safety pins!  Very punk.  Ever lose an earring?  Check your jewelry box for “missing mates,” and if it has chain links, put it on…you’re a style-maker.

Over-sized hoop earrings are everywhere, too.  Whether made from metal, chain, pearls, gemstones, or crystals, the bigger the better.

The lariat (Y-necklace) is still high on this year’s trend list.  If you like your jewelry to be more delicate, you can layer thinner chains along with your lariat for a "messy" neck look.

Pearl anything is everywhere in 2020…statement necklaces, hoop earrings, single earring, and lariats.  I love pearls, big fan.

Want to know how to pull it all together?  I’ve photographed this year’s top jewelry trends incorporating classic BDSM daywear pieces so you can have a fashion cheat sheet.  Freshen your look, elevate your style, be trendy.  Don’t forget to check your jewelry box and use your imagination…you might already have pieces to combine and layer.

Stay safe.  Stay healthy.  Stay at home…wash your hands!


The Statement Chain Necklace



The "Messy" Neck Layered with Large Pearl Lariat


Pink Pearl O-Ring Lariat Layered with BDSM Padlock Necklace


The "Messy" Neck with Large Pearl Lariat & BDSM Padlock Necklace

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