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A Message from CaptiveLove® Jewelry

Esther F Gorden

I would like to share the safety precautions I take in making your jewelry.  As many of you might know, CaptiveLove is a sole proprietorship.  The only hands that touch your jewelry are mine.  Obviously, that would also include those hands in the materials manufacturing process; I do not smelt metal, nor mine gemstones.

I live with compromised immunity due to having had cancer in my late twenties.  Many of my friends have immune disorders or genetic challenges, and because of these issues I have a heightened awareness of good hygiene practices.

Before I touch your order, I wash my hands.  Every time I take a break and return to work on your piece, I wash my hands.  Your item is washed in either a chemical jewelry cleaner or through an oxidizing process as a last finishing step.

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, a question you may have is how long can a virus linger on surfaces?

The honest answer is that scientists do not know, this virus is so new that testing hasn’t happened yet.  However, testing has been done on the coronavirus’s cousins, the kinds that cause SARS and MERS.  The findings show that those viruses can stay on metal, glass or plastic up to 9 days.  Household disinfectants can easily wipe away the virus.  But is that the way to treat your newly purchased jewelry?  The answer is no.

Disinfectants are made with alcohol, peroxide and bleach.  Those chemicals will affect your pearls, gemstones, oxidized finishes, and other finishing effects.  If you have the time, the best strategy is to wait a week before you wear your new piece.  If you need to wear it immediately, and if it’s metal chain and not a strung necklace (think knotted pearls, or any necklace on a cord), you may wash it with gentle soap and water.

The coronavirus most likely will spread from close personal contact and droplet infection (coughs and sneezes).  But a good strategy is to always wash your hands after taking in and opening your mail, opening packages, unpacking groceries…and refrain from touching your face.

Stay safe.  If you have any questions about my processes, please send an email to

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