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At War With Your Outerwear - Winter Jewelry Safety Tips, Part One, “Revenge Of The Dreaded Scarf Monster”

Esther F Gorden

Do you ever feel you’re at war with your outerwear? 

With the cold weather settling in, I’d like to share how you can protect your precious jewelry when you’re all bundled up and on the go.

Revenge Of The Dreaded Scarf Monster

Peeking high above your neckline, scarves are notorious for pushing dangle earrings out of your ear.  Keep your earrings in place with ear nuts (see above photo).  Ear nuts are little plastic or clear silicone earring backs that slide over your wires after you put your earrings on. 

Prevent lost earrings by selecting styles made with European wires, also called lever-backs.  These earrings have a hinge & lever in the back that flip up making a closed connection, keeping your earrings safe and secure.

Fuzzy scarves often get caught in necklaces with gemstones set with prongs; and around links and clasps.  The best solution is to put on your necklace after you arrive at your destination and remove it again before you leave. 

You can purchase ear nuts on Amazon.  Here’s the kind I recommend, Amazon Best Seller (AF).  I include  free ear nuts with all dangle earring purchases!  

Blue Q makes fun, eco-friendly pouches and coin purses that will help protect your jewelry in transit.  Pop your individual jewelry pieces into separate Coin Purses (AF), then tuck all into a Zipper Pouch (AF), slide into your purse, and off you go!


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