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At War With Your Outerwear - Winter Jewelry Safety Tips, Part Two, “Gloves and Mittens, Friend or Foe?”

Esther F Gorden

The battle between outerwear and jewelry continues.

 Gloves and Mittens and Sleeves, Oh My!

A friend to your fingers but not to your rings and bracelets, knitted gloves and mittens, plus linings in leather gloves, can get caught on prong settings.  You can damage the setting or loosen the stones to your engagement and/or other precious stone rings by trying to yank them free.

Bracelets not only get tangled in gloves, but also can get caught up in coat sleeve linings and knitted bands.  Prong settings, links and clasps are the danger zonesCuff bracelets can slide off when removing both coats and gloves.  The best solution is to put your jewelry on after you arrive at your destination and remove it again before you leave.

Blue Q makes fun, eco-friendly pouches and coin purses that will help protect your jewelry in transit.  Pop your individual jewelry pieces into separate Coin Purses (AF), then tuck all into a Zipper Pouch (AF), slide into your purse, and off you go!

 Let’s Talk About Gemstones 

Some gemstones are fragile and can get damaged or weakened going in and out of warm to frigid environments.   Stones with high water content, like opals, or stones with inclusions, like emeralds, should not be worn if you plan on extended outdoor activities.  Other gems on the leave at home list are tanzanites, moonstones and aquamarines.


 To Sum Up, Be Winter Careful

  • Check the fit of your rings, winter cold makes your finger skin contract…make sure your rings haven’t slipped off in your gloves or fallen out.  
  • Put your jewelry on after you get dressed and take off before you undress.  Turtlenecks and nubby sweaters can accidently catch on your earrings, necklaces and bracelets.   And if you’re going out, put your jewelry on after you arrive at your destination, and take off before you leave.
  • Don’t wear your gems in extreme cold or if engaging in winter sports.
  • If you slather on extra moisturizer for your winter-chapped skin, make sure you clean your jewelry before putting it away.  


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