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In the summer, when it sizzles

Esther F Gorden

Ahhh, summer, my least favorite season.  Memories of NYC subways without air-conditioning; clothing stuck to my skin.  Ugh!  When summer’s heat and humidity are off the chart how can you maintain your “fashion coolness?” 

Switching to breathable fabrics like linen, silk, rayon, or cotton will allow moisture (aka sweat) to evaporate and keep you cooler.   Colors that are summer bright give a psychological boost when it’s sweltering out…think fruit sorbet and ice cream pastels.

Jewelry in the summer can weigh you down and make you hotter...but not in the good way!  Heavy chains around the neck or wrist can hinder air circulation and add to body heat.  Summer literally is the time to lighten up.  Layered delicate necklace chains and anklets are summer trends for this year.

Another jewelry strategy is switching focus from necklaces to earrings.  A great pair of earrings can bring attention to your face and neck.   Pick lever-back styles, studs, or stock up on silicone ear-nuts (AF) so you do not lose your dangle earrings at the beach.

Caring for your jewelry

Summer means sweat and sweat contains body acids.  An acid environment can hasten tarnish on your shiny metals and eat away tarnish from your oxidized jewelry.   Chlorine and saltwater can cause the same issues.

Additionally, the sun's UV rays can damage certain gemstones like amethyst, citrine, sapphires, rose quartz and smoky quartz.  Lotions and sunscreens contain chemicals which can affect finishes.  And, sand can cause scratches on gemstones and metals.

The best solution is to not wear your fine jewelry at the beach or playing sports…leave those diamonds at home.   If you cannot resist a game of beach volleyball, rinse off your jewelry promptly, then gently pat dry.  Use a polishing cloth like Sunshine Polishing Cloth (AF) to keep your shiny metals at their best.  Refresh your oxidized sterling silver with a polishing/surface sealant product like Renaissance Microcrystalline Wax (AF).  

Style Swaps

How to lighten up for summer comfort?  Pick a feature from your favorite look and lighten the weight, size, or finish.   The following photos will give you inspiration.  The left photo is the “non-summer” look.

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