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Back to the Beach

Esther F Gorden

Tags Beach, safety tips, summer jewelry care

CaptiveLove’s Jewelry Survival Tips: Summer Edition Summer means sun, beaches and for you, not so great for your jewelry. Here’s why. * Summer’s heat brings on sweat. Besides the unwanted aroma, sweat contains body acids. An acid environment can hasten tarnish on your shiny metals and eat away tarnish from your oxidized jewelry. * Chlorine and saltwater can interact with some metals and other materials, affecting finish or color. * The sun's UV rays can damage popular gemstones like amethyst, citrine, sapphires, rose quartz and smoky quartz. * Lotions and sunscreens contain chemicals which can affect finishes. * Sand...

At War With Your Outerwear - Winter Jewelry Safety Tips, Part Two, “Gloves and Mittens, Friend or Foe?”

Esther F Gorden

Tags gloves and mittens, safety tips

The battle between outerwear and jewelry continues.  Gloves and Mittens and Sleeves, Oh My! A friend to your fingers but not to your rings and bracelets, knitted gloves and mittens, plus linings in leather gloves, can get caught on prong settings.  You can damage the setting or loosen the stones to your engagement and/or other precious stone rings by trying to yank them free. Bracelets not only get tangled in gloves, but also can get caught up in coat sleeve linings and knitted bands.  Prong settings, links and clasps are the danger zones.  Cuff bracelets can slide off when removing...

At War With Your Outerwear - Winter Jewelry Safety Tips, Part One, “Revenge Of The Dreaded Scarf Monster”

Esther F Gorden

Tags safety tips, scarf monster

Do you ever feel you’re at war with your outerwear?  With the cold weather settling in, I’d like to share how you can protect your precious jewelry when you’re all bundled up and on the go. Revenge Of The Dreaded Scarf Monster Peeking high above your neckline, scarves are notorious for pushing dangle earrings out of your ear.  Keep your earrings in place with ear nuts (see above photo).  Ear nuts are little plastic or clear silicone earring backs that slide over your wires after you put your earrings on.  Prevent lost earrings by selecting styles made with European wires, also...