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Why I’d Want All The Collars

Esther F Gorden

Tags Alt Wedding, bdsm lifestyle, Collars, Style, Wedding Jewelry

I remember the shock on my fiancée’s face when I said I wasn’t going to wear my wedding ring every day.  It was a modern, classic, slim diamond baguette style that I favored, AND I felt I was going to need alternate choices like a plain gold band for going to the gym, and perhaps something a little more tailored (but not diamond studded) for work, and most definitely a “faux” cubic zirconia version for vacations. What my fiancée didn’t understand was that jewelry for me wasn’t a symbol, it was ornamentation.  For me, love and commitment resided in my...

2020 Jewelry Trends…and Working from Home

Esther F Gorden

Tags 2020 Fashion Trends, Style, Working From Home

With our lives turned upside down from the COVID-19 pandemic, many of you might wonder what significance fashion trends mean for you now.  If you are working from home, and video conferencing with clients, colleagues, and bosses, maintaining a professional image is important.  And even if you are wearing pajama bottoms below the webcam, you will need to be business appropriate from mid-chest upwards.  It is here that a fashionable projection becomes an important detail in conveying confidence and authority.  This year’s jewelry trends turn a spotlight on your neckline. When it comes to BDSM and fashion, it’s more about...