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Back to the Beach

Esther F Gorden

Tags Beach, safety tips, summer jewelry care

CaptiveLove’s Jewelry Survival Tips: Summer Edition Summer means sun, beaches and for you, not so great for your jewelry. Here’s why. * Summer’s heat brings on sweat. Besides the unwanted aroma, sweat contains body acids. An acid environment can hasten tarnish on your shiny metals and eat away tarnish from your oxidized jewelry. * Chlorine and saltwater can interact with some metals and other materials, affecting finish or color. * The sun's UV rays can damage popular gemstones like amethyst, citrine, sapphires, rose quartz and smoky quartz. * Lotions and sunscreens contain chemicals which can affect finishes. * Sand...

In the summer, when it sizzles

Esther F Gorden

Tags summer jewelry care, summer style

Ahhh, summer, my least favorite season.  Memories of NYC subways without air-conditioning; clothing stuck to my skin.  Ugh!  When summer’s heat and humidity are off the chart how can you maintain your “fashion coolness?”  Switching to breathable fabrics like linen, silk, rayon, or cotton will allow moisture (aka sweat) to evaporate and keep you cooler.   Colors that are summer bright give a psychological boost when it’s sweltering out…think fruit sorbet and ice cream pastels. Jewelry in the summer can weigh you down and make you hotter...but not in the good way!  Heavy chains around the neck or wrist can hinder air...