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Need Help Planning Your BDSM Wedding?

Wedding planning can be difficult, not to mention stressful…especially if your wedding plans are west of conventional. This year CaptiveLove® Jewelry became a vendor in The Offbeat Bride Vendor Guide.  I wanted BDSM, Goth, Biker, LGBTQ+ and Vanilla couples to easily find their way to me for their commitment jewelry needs.   The Offbeat Bride Vendor Guide is a curated collection of wedding planners, photographers, dress and suit makers, jewelers, cake bakers, florists, venues, etc. who specialize in providing alternative lifestyle communities a personalized wedding/commitment ceremony experience.  The Offbeat Bride website was created in 2006 by Ariel Meadow Stallings to support...


Esther F Gorden

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I would wager that most women have had visions of their fantasy wedding starting from childhood.  Little girls play dress up as the bride, after all it is an encouraged game…a way that society steers females into the roles it expects them to fulfill.  That vision of the perfect wedding might change a little as the girl grows into a woman, but being the princess, all decked out with satin and lace, with Daddy walking her down the aisle to her beloved, generally remains at the heart of it. That did not happen for me.  I don’t recall visions of...