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Esther F Gorden

I would wager that most women have had visions of their fantasy wedding starting from childhood.  Little girls play dress up as the bride, after all it is an encouraged game…a way that society steers females into the roles it expects them to fulfill. 
That vision of the perfect wedding might change a little as the girl grows into a woman, but being the princess, all decked out with satin and lace, with Daddy walking her down the aisle to her beloved, generally remains at the heart of it.
That did not happen for me.  I don’t recall visions of marriage when I was little, and my Daddy died while I was a sophomore in college.  When I did decide to marry, it was fraught with practicality and selfish manipulation by my soon to be mother-in-law. She left my fiancée in tears.  Our wedding day was forced into the conventional...and the marriage didn’t last more than a year.
Luckily for today’s bride, many of the conventions have eased, and the happy couple have more latitude in how they celebrate, where they celebrate, and what attire or costume they will wear on their most memorable day.  Theme and fantasy weddings have become more prevalent as couples personalize their commitment. 
CaptiveLove® creates wedding jewelry that celebrates all the brides…BDSM, Goth, Punk, Biker, LGBTQ and Princess.   We have necklaces for bridesmaids and wedding guests, too. 
Your day should be special and meaningful…most of all it should authentically reflect YOU, and CaptiveLove® would love to help you achieve that. 💕
Photograph by Farah from Burst 

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  • Thank you so much Ruth! xx


  • Well done.

    Ruth Boroshok

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