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Work/Life Balance and Oh, Holidays!

Esther F Gorden

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In a perfect world work and life are balanced.  However, when you’re this sole proprietor, making handmade items, in the year 2020, well…let’s just say balance isn’t balanced! This year has been stressful, sales have been all or nothing.  There is free time and no time.  I have been bombarded with problems relating to my co-op all summer.  My co-op used to be a hotel, built in 1924, to accommodate wealthy vacationing New Yorkers wanting to summer in the country hills of New Jersey.  No surprise, there have been plumbing and heating issues, and we need to modernize. In this...

BDSM, Behind the Hype

  Do you really know what a BDSM relationship is?  If you get your information from the news, from a film, or a book, more than likely what has been portrayed is sensationalized, fictionalized, or abusive behaviors. So, what is the real deal?  The real deal is education.  My favorite internet resource is DomSubLiving.  There you can get answers to all the basic questions, guidance towards a fulfilling relationship, and advice to help you steer clear of common pitfalls. You can download their free guide, “9 Keys to an Amazing BDSM Lifestyle,” here.  And don’t forget to subscribe to their...

In the summer, when it sizzles

Esther F Gorden

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Ahhh, summer, my least favorite season.  Memories of NYC subways without air-conditioning; clothing stuck to my skin.  Ugh!  When summer’s heat and humidity are off the chart how can you maintain your “fashion coolness?”  Switching to breathable fabrics like linen, silk, rayon, or cotton will allow moisture (aka sweat) to evaporate and keep you cooler.   Colors that are summer bright give a psychological boost when it’s sweltering out…think fruit sorbet and ice cream pastels. Jewelry in the summer can weigh you down and make you hotter...but not in the good way!  Heavy chains around the neck or wrist can hinder air...

2020 Jewelry Trends…and Working from Home

Esther F Gorden

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With our lives turned upside down from the COVID-19 pandemic, many of you might wonder what significance fashion trends mean for you now.  If you are working from home, and video conferencing with clients, colleagues, and bosses, maintaining a professional image is important.  And even if you are wearing pajama bottoms below the webcam, you will need to be business appropriate from mid-chest upwards.  It is here that a fashionable projection becomes an important detail in conveying confidence and authority.  This year’s jewelry trends turn a spotlight on your neckline. When it comes to BDSM and fashion, it’s more about...

A Message from CaptiveLove® Jewelry

Esther F Gorden

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A Message from CaptiveLove® Jewelry

I would like to share the safety precautions I take in making your jewelry.  As many of you might know, CaptiveLove is a sole proprietorship.  The only hands that touch your jewelry are mine.  Obviously, that would also include those hands in the materials manufacturing process; I do not smelt metal, nor mine gemstones. I live with compromised immunity due to having had cancer in my late twenties.  Many of my friends have immune disorders or genetic challenges, and because of these issues I have a heightened awareness of good hygiene practices. Before I touch your order, I wash my...